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The Mighty Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River begins its journey south on the southern edge of the Blue Ridge mountains, just below Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest point at 4,784 feet.  The word Chattahoochee is derived from the Creek Indian words meaning painted rock.  From its birthplace at Coon Den Ridge in Union County, Georgia, the river flows south for 430 miles to its confluence with the Flint River.  The Chattahoochee basin drains an area of 8,770 square miles and is the most heavily used water resource in Georgia.


Latest News

Water plan has all the signs of a Trojan Horse

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts — or in this case, of “environmental” legislation the dubious benefits of which look less environmental than political and financial. A bill has resurfaced in the Georgia General Assembly that didn’t make the cut last year, and for good reason. (Whether the reason it actually failed is the same as… View Article

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Time running out to move Tennessee-Georgia state line before case goes to Supreme Court

Is Georgia’s bid to tap the Tennessee River a bluff? Or is it a ticking bomb that could cost Tennessee parts of Chattanooga, East Ridge, St. Elmo and Lookout Mountain? The answer may be clearer soon. The clock is winding down for Tennessee to accept what a Georgia legislator described as a “gift”: 66.5 square… View Article

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At what point does discretion become secrecy?

For the moment, the government watchdog organization with the inspiring name of the Transparency Project of Georgia would seem to consist of little more than a few people and some very small office space. Compared to the palatial surroundings and deep-pockets budgets of the politicians and special interests they work to hold accountable, the Transparency… View Article

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Opposing views on the ACF water wars and oysters in Apalachicola Bay

Tampa Bay Times. vs. Atlanta Journal Constitution

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AAS chemical workshop

Want to protect a creek or lake in your neighborhood? It’s easy! Sign up for a free, fun workshop and join our team of Adopt-A-Stream volunteers. Call (706) 649-2326 or visit for more details.

Chattahoochee Webcam

Webcam_August 21
Columbus is the star of a new webcam sponsored by Chattahoochee RiverWarden, Columbus Water Works, and USGS. Check out the beautiful real-time view of the Chattahoochee from the 14th Street bridge. You can even take over the controls to pan and zoom for a closer look.

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